Our last project “BELONOGA” is nominated in 2 categories: BEST GROUP und NEWCOMER for the very representative SONGLINES MUSIC AWARDS 2015.


BELONOGA informations

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BELONOGA „Through the Eyes of the Sun“ (Elen Music Label)

After the extraordinary and very successful music production in the world of music ‘THE ARCH‘ of the French music magician HECTOR ZAZOU together with the best Bulgarian voices, the EVA Quartet, we are now presenting our new music production. BELONOGA is known to the audience as Gergana Dimitrova, one of the outstanding singers of ‘Le Mystere Des Voix Bulgares’ and the ‘Eva Quartet’. On her first own album – not just as a singer but also composer – Belonoga is experimenting with her voice. Thus, an extraordinary new music, extremely rich in emotions, came into being – a dialogue between the archaic culture of the Aborigines and Pygmies and the melodies of Bulgaria.
A key role in the project was also played by Aleks Nushev, who helped Belonoga to realize her ideas over years of studio work.
The producer Dimiter Panev (Ivo Papasov, Hector Zazou & Eva Quartet “The Arch” brought unconventional ideas to the project, helping create a new musical and sound experience.
The emergence of some music is inexplicable, but the music itself speaks strongly of the person who created it. In Belonoga’s music the listener is taken to a new musical world – beautiful, bright, archaic, contemporary and harmonic.

“It’s a highly effective beautifully imagined and refreshing recording, and a worthy successor to previous releases by this pioneering Iabel.”
Songlines / Kim Burton





In the 90s David Venitucci studied at the Conservatoire de Grenoble (his place of birth). Looking for new music challenges he then moved to Paris after his studies and performed there with the Alfredo Arias Theatre, circus Annie Fratellini, played with French chansoniers and discovered jazz and improvised music. He played together with musicians like Christophe Cholet, Toufic Farrouck, Isabelle Olivier, Sylvain Beuf, Peter Erskine, John Greaves, Norma Winstone etc. In 2004 he released his first sol album and won the “Grand Prix Gus Viseur“. In Germany he became well known especially when working with Renaud Garcia Fons.
The trombonist Denis Leloup graduated from the Conservatoire de Paris with a first prize. He is a member of the National Jazz Orchestra and performed with musicians like Martial Solal, Michel Legrand Big Band, Michel Petrucciani, Dee Dee Bridgewater and Henri Salvador.
Christophe Marguet played together with Barney Wilen, Anouar Brahem, Paolo Fresu, John Tchicai. For his first album he was awarded the “Django d’Or“.
The accordeon virtuoso Venitucci is playing on an instrument which has exclusively been designed for him and which is nearly making an orchestral approach possible. He is perfect at all nuances of sound. His unusual trio is making music full of sensuality and passion. In doing so the melody is like a golden thread through complex improvisations – melodically, harmoniously and rhythmically.




BALKAN CLARINET SUMMIT “Many languages – one soul” (Piranha)

An Excellenz-project of the Goethe Institute, in collaboration with
Claudio Puntin & Steffen Schorn and the Goethe-Institute Athens

Live recordings from: Athens, Belgrade, Novi Sad, Sarajevo, Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir, Sofia, Thessaloniki, Braśov / August & Dezember 2012

Stavros Pazarentsis – clarino (Greece)
Sergiu Balutel – clarinet (Romania)
Oguz Büyükberber – bassclarinet (Turkey)
Slobodan Trkulja – clarient (Serbia)
Claudio Puntin es-, bb-, alt- und bassclarinet (Switzerland / Italy)
Steffen Schorn – contra-altclarient (Germany)

The drive of a wedding band
The melancholy of a poem
The depth of a stringquartet
Re-mixed in an a-cappella robe
of 6 clarinets and 6 cultures

Claudio Puntin and Steffen Schorn who have been a duo for over 20 years have worked on music of their Balkan colleagues for a clarinet ensemble. Together they are travelling the music fields of creative improvisation music and traditional styles of the relevant protagonist of Balkan clarinet tradition, typical of a specific country.
An a-cappella clarinet ensemble a kind of which has never existed before.

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